Tribute to war heroes

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RE: THE Poppy Appeal, Evening News, May 7.

I was greatly amazed that among the mentions and awards not one word of English vocabulary was given about the true veterans of Dunkirk and Western Desert campaigns, not to mention three years as prisoners of war. I refer to the Green Howards Association, still holding meetings decades on, sorry to say (think on the grounds as regards veterans).

However, I would care to mention that amongst the vets only three remain now in their 90s, and have been supporting the Poppy Appeal, in my case over 40 years, through Green Howards Association or Legion Poppy Appeal. We don’t want medals, just a mention would adequately suffice, and bring a smile to three vets’ faces.

I wish to conclude my letter and offer great admiration to John and Beryl Anderson for their achievement on the Poppy Appeal. Hopefully we’ll be there come November 2011.

Doug Harrison

Centurion Way