Un-fair depiction of events

ABOUT that unmitigated disaster laughingly known as the Seamer Fair. It is in a mood of profound despair that I write this email. How anyone, who was alive, in this neck of the woods could describe this latest invasion by the travellers and gypsies as a success for anything other than obscene vandalism is not on this planet.

Cllr Hayley Pickles said in the Evening News it has been brilliant this year. We have had no trouble and everyone has enjoyed it. Perhaps Cllr Pickles would like to tell that to 80-year-old Alwyn of Bell Close. He was sitting in his back garden enjoying a read when a lemonade bottle missed his ear by millimetres, had it hit him in the face he would not have enjoyed the experience.

When he asked the youths not to climb over our perimeter fence, at first they complied but later came over in droves, foul mouthed and noisy and broke all his flower pots.

Perhaps Cllr Pickles might also have a word with Alwyn’s neighbour, 94-year-old Doris, who had the glass of her back door smashed. She might take a moment to reflect on how that lady felt, on her own as she is, as she heard that noise and waited for the invasion. No doubt she could tell us how we enjoyed a group of four louts with motorbikes revving their bikes, shouting and generally being a nuisance until they finally left at twenty minutes to midnight! I could go on, not only house holders suffered, she should have a word with the business people in Seamer.

And to Cllrs Morrison, Pickles and Mr John Senior, of Pindar School: the whole farce was a debacle of monumental proportions. I have not spoken to one individual (who actually lives in the village) who was in favour of this ancient excuse for gangs of feckless and feral louts to invade our village.

You have now laid the seeds for next year. This year was a large increase on last and next year will be double that which came this year. You do not experience it at first hand. A continuing enigma for me is, why is it that hard working tax payers are always the victims.

I think I can tell our governing body what the majority of Seamer would like, it is a ceremonial burning of that ludicrous charter and to see the back of it once and for all.

Brian Thompson

Bell Close