Unsafe town roads are going to pot

DRIVERS ARE facing far higher than necessary costs in their car maintenance and repair bills, due to the ever growing and far reaching deep potholes around our beautiful tourist town of Scarborough.

You are unable drive around our town safely, without swerving to avoid a deep pothole, where your vehicle’s front or rear wheel falls into an abyss.

What is the present cost and how many accidents have been caused in or around Scarborough/ Yorkshire to either a cyclist or motorcyclist, due to a pot hole?

Reluctantly I today sent off a letter to customer.services@northyorks.gov.uk along with a copy of a bill for £300 and over a dozen pictures of the state of some of our roads in Scarborough, where I and many other drivers’ cars have fallen into.

I don’t expect to be reimbursed in full, but I believe that our Highways department in North Yorkshire has a duty of care in maintaining our highways and road network to an acceptable standard.

As one of the over 500 self-employed taxi drivers/duel badge holders in Scarborough, who now pay half again more in fuel taxes costs than six months ago, with the rate that fuel is increasing, it could well reach the £2 a litre by this Christmas.

As a self-employed driver we pay a lot of extras to carry the general public, not only in licensing fees for the driver and car to the council, but also costs such as a police CRB check, doctor’s fee, much higher insurance of over £1,200 per year, two MOTs per year and have to replace our vehicle after five years if you buy a second-hand car three years old.

I and drivers are aware that the safety of the public is paramount and we pay whatever is asked of us from those in charge, be it an extra cost of £800 for a swivel seat to carry the disabled or an extra £500 a year licence fee to the railway company to be able to do our job, we have to pay it to do it.

I for one expect our roads to be maintained to a reasonable standard and where damage is caused by holes or unnecessary obstructions left on the highway expect a refund in my costs.

Phil McDonald, taxi driver of over 30 years

Wreyfield Drive