Unseen victims of the law on licensing

What an ill conceived idea the 24-hour licensing law has turned out to be. A way of life unique to Britain has literally been destroyed.

Pubs were sold off by the breweries to investment companies such as Punch Taverns or Enterprise Inns, who then converted many of the town centre places to accommodate the weekend binge drinkers.

Thousands of the lovely old taverns have been sold off and converted to homes because the investment failed to produce an acceptable return of profit. Until all the changes were made the pub was the local meeting place OAPs would go in most evenings for a pint, a chat, a game of cards or dominoes, and keep warm for the price of a pint. Now they have been priced out.

The private or snug bars have gone. These lifelong drinkers and smokers have lost their rendezvous and have become recluses in their own homes, enduring long periods without seeing a soul especially these utopian do-gooders who have created the mess.

AG Brignall

Hall Park Grove