Use or lose the Open Air Theatre

ANOTHER summer over and the Open Air Theatre goes into mothballs for the winter. One very successful, sell-out in the Elton John concert and the rest poorly attended, over-priced B-listers.

Spot on PJ Waller in your recently published letter. You voiced the opinions of many Scarborough residents, I’m sure. Repeating the success of the previous year is not a guarantee for success, as this summer has proved. Cinemas don’t show the same film two years in a row just because they were well-attended first time round.

What is the point of building a superb venue and not making the most of it?

Take lessons from the Dalby Forest concerts, top acts, reasonably priced, well-attended year after year.

I reiterate PJ Waller’s advice to Scarborough Council. Do something now or face having a huge white elephant on your hands. Acts for summer 2012 should already be booked and be advertised widely now.

What’s wrong with good old-fashioned posters advertising forthcoming attractions? There are plenty around for Calendar Girls at the Futurist right now.

If the present company booking future attractions can’t do the job - appoint someone else who can. Do something now!

PJA Smith

Sands Cottage