Visit: Brickbats, but two bouquets!

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I visited Scarborough the other day to do some Christmas shopping hoping some festive spirit would rub off on me. No such luck!

The first thing that spoiled my day was the old Pavilion building across from the station; whoever designed it was in the wrong vocation and the town council members who approved it should be deported.

Victoria Road, Dean Road looks like some shanty town from a third world country, and Eastborough has enough shops selling tack (and I don’t mean horse riding equipment) to cater for the whole of the British Empire.

The shop frontages, generally, were somewhat tatty to say the least, and to exacerbate my general depression litter was strewn everywhere. I’ve been back in this area now for seven years and have yet to see in the local press anyone being prosecuted or fined for depositing litter. We have traffic wardens and dog wardens, why not litter wardens?

However, enough of the brickbats, I’ve two bouquets to give out which stood out like Scarborough Castle on its hill.

The first to the Palm Court Hotel, scrupulously clean facade and patio terrace spotlessly maintained at all times, not a cigarette end in sight, and secondly to the staff at B&Q who go beyond the call of duty to assist shoppers and nothing seems too much trouble for them. Well done to you both.

Happy Christmas to all you shoppers.

DE Raisin

High Street