Vote for someone who lives in area

IT IS near to the time to vote for our chosen town councillors, that will make a lot of the decisions and actions required to ensure our town is run properly and fairly, for the benefit of all residents, in all areas concerned.

It is my belief, that this will be better for all areas if the prospective councillor actually lives in the area that they are asking residents to vote for them.

I also believe that only one of the family members stand for election. This would negate the stronger willed member of that family, having two or more votes in council matters.

I also suggest that close and efficient scrutiny is made of our would-be councillors as to their real reasons for wishing to be elected.

Previously, councillors, I believe, only stood for one term in order to obtain the backing of council and council staff for planning and other matters, that they may not have got otherwise.

So I hope everyone uses their votes to improve their area of residency, that is why you have area councillors.

How does a councillor know the problems of an area if they don’t reside in that area, and witness problems themselves?

Bryan Rutter

Northstead area and no I am not a candidate

Garfield Road