Vote of no confidence

FURTHER to the editorial in the Evening News entitled Mayor’s Dilemma.

Ten candidates, three of them Tory, for three seats. Not a wise move for starters I would suggest.

The current mayor was initially an Independent councillor.

She along with the current mayoress were always very vocal and more often than not each week had a report in the Evening News on something they were campaigning for.

Then they crossed the floor to the Tory party. Neither had the courage or decency to stand down and for a by-election to be called. Once in the Tory camp nothing was heard of the current mayor, she seemed to disappear into the Town Hall bunker.

The electorate possibly had this in mind more than anything else when they went to the ballet box last week in the Newby ward.

One does not vote a candidate onto the council on policies for one party only to see that elected councillor transfer to another party.

The other parties policies are totally different to what that councillor was elected to put forward on behalf of the electorate who voted for them.

The current mayor got her just desserts.

PJS Waller

Woodville Ave