Warning over risk of traffic accidents

Ganton A64  picture Richard Ponter   112350c'9/06/11
Ganton A64 picture Richard Ponter 112350c'9/06/11

DURING THE 35 years that I have lived in Ganton, I have been aware of many accidents on the 200 metre stretch of the A64 between Woodside Road and Main Street.

Accidents tend to occur more frequently in the summer months when the amount of traffic is particularly heavy. As the A64 bisects the village and there are bus stops in this section of the road, pedestrians as well as cars have difficulty crossing the road.

All the problems arise from traffic approaching the village from the west; elevation of the road prior to the Woodside Road/Station Road cross roads restricts the view of drivers moving out on to the A64 from these minor roads.

It also prevents these drivers approaching Ganton from the west seeing any cars or pedestrians on this 200m stretch of road until they are almost on top of them.

If they are travelling at speeds in excess of 40mph they have insufficient time to take evasive action should it be necessary. Vehicles turning right into Main Street are particularly vulnerable when positioned towards the centre of the road awaiting a break in the traffic.

The road markings indicate vehicles must not cross to the opposite carriageway but they frequently do so to prevent shunting a slower moving vehicle ahead of them.

As there is often a steady stream of traffic approaching Ganton from the east (Scarborough), the speeding vehicle is then faced with a head-on crash. It is vital that vehicles approaching Ganton from the west are warned of these dangers either with a speed limit, mock/real speed camera or simply a sign asking them to slow down due to imminent danger ahead.

They should be warned that there is no overtaking on this stretch of road and prevented from making a right turn into Main Street.

Vehicles approaching Ganton from the east have no such problems; they have a clear view of the A64 through the village and of vehicles joining the A64 from side roads.

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