Warning to drivers over road sign

RECENTLY MY husband received a parking fine for parking outside the Jehovah’s Witness church on Seamer Road. There are no signs to say that this part of the road has restricted parking and there are no lines on the road.

When my husband contested the ticket he was sent a photo of the Urban Clearway sign situated on the corner of Seamer Road, however if you drove along Avenue Road and turned left onto Seamer Road you would be unaware of the sign.

The council upheld the ticket and told us we have to pay within two 14 days or the fine would be doubled. My husband rang and asked for an extension on this period so that we could attend the Citizen’s Advise Bureau to obtain legal advice on the issue but the council refused.

I am writing to you in the hope that you might follow up this issue if not to show the unfair way in which the council have you over a barrel regarding the doubling of the fine, but to also warn other unsuspecting motorists as I have since noticed many more cars receiving tickets at this part of the road as they were probably unaware of the restrictions.

Mrs T Manners

Alexandra Park