Wartime: Evacuated to Scarborough

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During World War Two, our son-in-law’s mother, then Miss Winifred Edgington, was evacuated from the Vauxhall district of London, where her parents lived, to Scarborough.

After her return to London she often spoke fondly of her experiences in Scarborough, and our son-in-law, Mr Edward Scrine, who lives in South London, would very much like to see the house where she spent her time by the seaside, and meet anyone who recalls his mother from those days.

After all this time it’s a bit of a long shot, but if there is anyone who can help, please contact me on 07768316633 or (01482) 665138 or email chris.thurley@wshop.karoo.co.uk. I live in Brough, in East Yorkshire.

Many thanks.

Chris Thurley

Skillings Lane


East Yorkshire