Water park and sports village: any progress?

I would like to pose two burning questions to the council which I hope they will be good enough to answer.

Firstly concerns the new sports village which is to incorporate a 3,000 seater all-weather stadium, when I was on the council nearly two years ago the plan was to sell the sports centre on Filey Road to finance the venture, however, little or nothing seems to have happened in those two years which is frustrating for the supporters of the football team who have to travel to Bridlington.

Secondly concerns the water park which is due to be built on the Burniston Road car park, this was proposed nearly two years ago when I was on the council by Roland Deuce the new chairman of Benchmark who went on to say that the new water park would be a replica of the one in Germany, which has proved to be a great success.

I pass this site everyday and have yet to see any signs of action.

Cecil Ridley

Hillcrest Avenue