We already have the quality that I want

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Why do we need another Tesco? We have three already, plus three Sainsbury’s, a Marks & Spencers, Aldi and a Morrisons (not far away). Surely that’s enough for a town this size?

If it’s quality you want, most of those mentioned give that.

I personally have not found Tesco to be outstanding.

Where I shop, it is a treat to go to there. Prices exceptional, pleasant staff, no long waits at tills.

They are the quickest, most efficient sales personnel I have ever come across (having spent 47 years in retail myself I know what to look for).

The goods are quality, quantity and price is beyond belief. Fresh fruit and vegetables at half the price of supermarkets.

All the upheaval another Tesco and where it will be built will cause distress to residents and alter the roads.

Not to mention the smaller traders, who are closing on a daily basis. Please think of them.

Pat Hall

West Bank