We are all guardians of the planet

I AM the lady who was on the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio Two.

I would like to comment on the fight for the Beech tree in Irton.

I am presuming that Mr and Mrs Hazelhurst had a survey done on the property before they decided to buy it, therefore either they chose to ignore the fact that the beech tree ‘may’ affect the property, or the surveyor failed to point out that the tree ‘may cause a problem in future years’.

Other than that I can only presume that they had a motive for not noticing the fact that the tree was there, or maybe they thought no-one would notice in a few years’ time.

I also believe that they should have consulted a tree surgeon who could have maybe pruned the tree back and the roots, by the time the amount of money has been spent on the legal wrangling, why did they not seek professional help. before all this started, after all its been going on long enough, they could have saved all this hassle.

What messages are we giving the younger generation, on one hand we are telling them to preserve our world and all nature, and on the other hand we are contradicting and making mockery of the law of the land.

My last comment is what gives a judge somewhere else in the country to make a decision over the village and tree he has never even seen or made an effort to get his facts right.

If Mr and Mrs Hazelhurst had anything about them they should have realised that we are guardians of this planet only, we do not own it.

If we carry on the way we are, Mother Nature will make the decision for us, and I think she already is.

Helen Simcox  

The Uplands