We’ll shop at the new Tesco but ‘rat-run’ fears

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I don’t have anything against Tesco’s – we shop there ourselves sometimes and, after all, the new store will be virtually on our doorstep.

But my wife and I live in Nelson Street, and, far from Jill Low’s ‘rat-run’, access to Trafalgar Street West is the only way we can get a vehicle out of our street.

It’s already a bad get-out, almost impossible to turn right (or left for that matter) onto Northway during high traffic, and if we are going towards Whitby we have to use Dean Road.

I do not feel it an exaggeration to say we, and many others, will be trapped at peak times.

I dread to think how emergency vehicles will operate.

Concerns about the impact on local shops, noise, and all other points raised, are equally valid, but the above is our own worst nightmare.

I simply have no idea why any council would for one moment consider closing what is actually a main arterial road for many.

Alan Stanforth

Nelson Street