We need choice of homes not stores

I noted your request for comment on the proposed Tesco outlet in Scarborough, and am impressed that someone is interested in listening to the opinions of local people, though I feel this request would have been much better coming from Scarborough Borough Council, the people who should be working for the people.

To build another Tesco in the centre of Scarborough and then build housing on green land in Scalby, Seamer and Cayton beggars belief. Has no one asked our younger generation where they would sooner live? I have, and the answer is never out of town.

Surely therefore any building land in Scarborough should be affordable first time properties for the young, once on the ladder and, in a few years time they will move to some of the houses that are always available in Cayton, Seamer and Scalby. In our village, Cayton there are usually 25 to 30 houses on the market.

We have an industrial estate lying almost empty. This is surely where a new and bigger Tesco should be built.

This will attract people from all around the North Yorkshire area as Morrison’s does now and also avoid more traffic in the town. Scarborough already has Tesco, Sainsbury and Aldi as well as many other stores which can only be harmed by a superstore.

My opinion, as you did ask: build houses in Scarborough, supermarkets out of town.

KE Woonton

Chairman of Cayton

Residents Action Group

Green Croft Gardens