We need retail surveys

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I DO hope that the new council will consider what a devastating effect it is going to have on the town centre retailers, and for that matter all the retailers in the town, if it passes the Tesco development on Dean Road in its present format, which entails the closing of Trafalgar Street West which is a well-used road connecting Dean Road and Northway.

I know planning law does not take into consideration competition, however I hope the planning department will be conducting retail surveys, which needs to be done before any decisions can be made.

I was on the council when the land was put up for sale, and voted for the council to sell it to the highest bidder, who happened to be Tesco, who out-bid Asda by £1.5 million.

However I would not have voted for the present scheme proposed by Tesco for the reasons I have mentioned.

C Ridley

Hillcrest Avenue