We now live in a tolerant society

ALLOW ME to reply to John Pawson (Your Views, May 12).

In my defence, Mr Pawson, I am neither racist nor am I a Mosleyite. You do not know me, and you most certainly do not know my background, and therefore you cannot write a public letter defining my character. You base your definition on an observation I made in relation to a situation.

I assume that a person speaking a foreign language is from another country. That remark has neither racist nor ethnic content, it is merely an observation which we are all entitled to make.

Where I originate from is an area that has the highest percentage of mixed race, ethnicity and religion in Leeds.

It is a diverse community, it has grown into a harmonious one, and it has its religious and ethnic celebrations. Racism is in the past, it is now a tolerant society.

We could of course degenerate into what is called a ‘slanging match’. Perish the thought that my observation would bring forth a letter of intolerance and spite. Shame on you Mr Pawson.

Mr R Marshall

Elmville Avenue

Dean Road