We’re being penalised over energy bills

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AS a customer of Scottish Power, I received an e-mail detailing the price increases applicable form the 1 August 2011. A quick calculation of the new prices quoted worked out to be approximately 30%, nowhere near the forecasted 10% increase by the media.

I contacted Scottish Power to question the figures quoted and was assured by their representative that the figures were correct. I then received a phone call from the Customer Care department where they confirmed that the price increases were in fact 34% across the board.

The explanation given was that the average increase was 10% but some more and some less and that in the Scarborough area and as a low usage customer the figure of 34% was correct.

It looks to me like for as much as we are now encouraged to be economical with electricity in the present climate we are being penalised for doing so almost as if they don’t really want this sort of customer.

I immediately switched my supplier but I thought I would write in case any customer has not realised what the price increases are really going to be and to show Scottish Power up for what they really are.

Clive Hague

Harvest Way