We’re doing all we can to get a higher score

FOLLOWING last week’s story on the Food Hygiene Ratings Scheme, we would like to offer our reassurances that we are doing everything we can to achieve a higher score next time.

Some structural repairs have been carried out and we have reorganised our cleaning schedule. As some of your readers may appreciate, there are limitations on finance in small business and improvements usually have to be carried out in stages. Otherwise, we are perhaps the victims of our own ambition as we have tried to provide real home-cooked food using large numbers of ingredients. This has caused some organisational problems which we think have now been resolved.

By introducing the ratings scheme, the council have raised the bar for the standards expected for a business such as ours. No doubt such progress is valuable in its way. Nonetheless, all the food which is served in our cafe is prepared in absolutely hygienic conditions.

Finally, we should also mention that we have had reason to question several aspects of the inspection and will be making a formal complaint to the council.

R Cruse and E Gill

Nutmeg Cafe

Victoria Road