We should all save energy

THE MEDIA and the politicians seem to be obsessed with getting back to growth but the truth is we don’t need it.

What we do need is 0% growth and 100% sustainability. The USA now imports over half its daily oil consumption of 23 million barrels! Growth means more consumption in Europe, the USA, China and India. Saudi Arabia have 25% of the world’s oil reserves along with Iraq, 10% and Iran 8%. Is it any wonder then that the USA is prepared to put in so much money and give so many lives defending this last trickle of oil in the Middle East?

Oil companies are now test drilling in the pristine arctic ocean and the Shetlands. Imagine what a Florida sized oil spill would do to that beautiful snow white protected landscape and that lovely clean rugged coastline?

Today on the TV news there are calls for lower gas and electricity prices but that is not the answer to our problems. The planet has over six billion people and finite resources, we must all learn to switch off, put a jumper on and save some energy, not demand cheaper petrol and energy every time the price goes up.

I know if you are on a low income this sounds harsh but my granny used to live with a one bar electric fire in her lounge and it never did her any harm. Today’s youth expect heated bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and hallways. It’s time they faced up to the reality of a modern over-populated world with finite resources.

Mark Vesey

Scarborough Greenpeace

Royal Avenue