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SO, the ice caps are melting again!! Doom and despair reign! The WWF (which I support) are currently ‘upping’ their campaign re the destruction of the Amazon Rain Forest, excellent idea! The only problem I have with this is why has it taken so long to ‘headline’ this! It must be 40 years ago (Sunday supplements had just started) that I read a long and detailed report on this destruction! Why has it taken so long for WWF to highlight this?

The subject of ‘climate change’ also known as ‘global warming,’ hole in the ozone layer (whatever happened to that) is constantly being forced upon us, CO2 emissions etc causing all the aforementioned ‘disasters’.

I truly believe that if only one per cent of the vast sums of money being spent on ‘so called green policies’ had been spent on the preservation of rainforests (which, after all, produce up to two thirds of Earth’s oxygen) no global warming scares would have occurred.

Sadly I think the whole loony CO2 mob involves so much government money that it can’t be stopped, particularly when you add on the billions being made by private industries who are simply cashing in on the ‘green’ scaremongers. How can we expect governments who authorise these obscene payments to say “Sorry we got it wrong”! Don’t hold your breath.

In conclusion, any reduction in CO2 emissions is to be welcomed, but to blame all climate on these emissions is, in my opinion, totally wrong.

Mike Maxwell

New Parks Crescent