Welcome all types of competition

ONCE AGAIN Scarborough traders have stated that they do not like the continental markets.

Why? Because it takes trade away from them.

What is missing in Scarborough is true competition, value for money and decent shops etc.

If the market ‘as stated’ costs £8,000 to put on, why is this cost not levied on the actual market traders themselves and not the council? After all, the market traders would have to pay for their sites no matter where they traded. The continental market is not cheap, but it provides variety for all shoppers and it is the public who decide to buy, they are not forced in any way to part with their hard-earned money. There is not a market in Scarborough, only an excuse for one, the Market Hall is full of charity stalls and cheap goods, not the ideal place for visitors to frequent.

I was born and bred in Scarborough, but thankfully I have managed for the past 40+ years to work away in the Far East and I am now in the United Arab Emirates for the next five years. But when I have returned home I see the same stagnant Scarborough, lethargic locals and narrow-minded council.

When will the people of Scarborough wake up and smell the coffee?

Scarborough, at the end of the A64, is known locally as the road to the slave trade, because of very low wages. Scarborians think no other place is better than Scarborough.

It has guest houses and hotels where no-one is given any training and staff do not give a damn about clients as they are seen as an inconvenience.

Competition is what is needed, not legislation and moaning traders who expect their goods to be better than others. It is the customers who decide where to shop, and so it should.

Robert Michael Johnstone

Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates

Formerly of Seamer Road Scarborough