Welcome the extra falcons

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RE THE recent misinformed letter from A Rosbottom, regarding the present position of raptors in relation to our wild bird population.

In his words, this must be addressed before we have virtually no song birds left. Well how many times has he heard a pigeon sing?

He goes on to say the raptors have reached numbers never previously recorded, ie owls, sparrow hawks, magpies, but what about domestic cats and grey squirrels (who take eggs. Does he also expect a cull on these creatures?

Leave the wild birds alone, Mr Rosbottom.

To get rid of all the stray pigeons that blight our towns throughout the country, costing thousands of pounds in defacing buildings etc, maybe a few extra peregrine falcons should be welcomed, not frowned upon.

Stan Douglas

Cross Lane


aka Percy Peregrine

Marine Drive