Well done to van driver for commendable deed

Re front page article ‘Popular Store owner found dead’ (Tuesday August 23) I would like to praise your van driver Andy Smith for his public spirit and caring action.

Many people, in these times of hectic schedules and busy lifestyles, would have either ignored the situation he came across, perhaps wrongly assuming shopkeeper David Thorpe was enjoying a ‘lie-in’, or at best would have called the emergency services and gone on their way.

For your employee to be concerned enough to first attempt to contact Mr Thorpe, and then, having failed to make contact, go to the trouble of using a ladder to climb up to an open bedroom window where he thereupon discovered Mr Thorpe dead in bed, was indeed a commendable act over and above the call of duty.

It was, in Christian terms, playing the ‘Good Samaritan’, something which is greatly lacking, I’m afraid, in some sections of today’s society where good old-fashioned community spirit has gone out of the window.

Andy Smith’s prompt and selfless action could well have saved further anxiety for his family and friends whose distress would surely have been made worse had their been any delay in discovering this tragedy.

So well done Andy for risking life and limb (which is no doubt what Health and Safety would have made of this episode) on behalf of someone who was a friend as well as a customer.

Coincidentally, may I add that David Thorpe was well known for his musical talents, having played the organ for various churches in the Scarborough district including my own church, South Cliff Methodist. In fact following the recent retirement of our own organist we were in the process of offering David a regular commitment at South Cliff.

He was always willing to make himself available at short notice where possible and will be sadly missed by the many people with whom he came into contact .

Roy Briggs