What impact on our local environment?

HOW many of Scarborough’s hard-working, hard-pressed hairdressers will be thrilled to learn that the owners of our new superstore are planning to open 70 “beauty salons” around the country?

How many members of our illustrious council will realise that’s what happens when you let the bruisers in with a cheery wave?

Because you can’t imagine for a moment they won’t want one in their latest edifice, made all the easier now they don’t need to carry out a nasty old environmental impact assessment.

Dean Road...hmmm.

How many salons are there in the Dean Road area? Around 30, at last count. That includes Penny Black Lane, Victoria Road, Prospect Road, Gladstone Road, Northway, Barwick Terrace.

Seventy per cent of people surveyed, or at least, 70% of people who replied to the recent survey might have stuck their thumbs up for this ruthless giant. But reflect on the 8 out of 10 cats argument; your own columns have demonstrated the real views of Scarborough people.

In Filey, where it was made similarly easy for Tesco to build on another eyesore site – our council’s great at giving permission to build on eyesores with no opposition, isn’t it? – businesses are packing up left, right and centre.

When I was 10 – OK, half a century ago and things change – Dean Road was a bustling, secondary shopping area. These days it survives because its businesses try hard and no thanks to Scarborough Borough Council’s swingeing business rates which drive all but – guess who – out of business.

We need urgently to press our council leader and our chief planning officer to hold a proper inquiry and make Tesco carry out an environmental impact assessment, because aside from the huge new volume of traffic generated by customers and supply vehicles pumping out exhaust fumes, sure as anything, it will impact on the immediate environment by wrecking the livelihoods of a great many business owners, to which we can now add a huge number of hairdressers.

Mat Watkinson

Stepney Road