What will fund the Mere plan?

I AGREE totally with Patricia David and her letter regarding the Mere. I also wish to congratulate the anglers for all their hard work at the site.

After years of which I can only suggest that a “policy of neglect” has prevailed, the council has been prodded into action to do some work there. I know we can’t live in the past but I remember the halcyon days when the Mere was at its peak. Treasure Island, Ben Gunn, Hispaniola, a childhood friend of mine, Mick Stubbs, was Jim Hawkins.

The boating, we youngsters preferred canoes to rowing boats as these could be hauled up onto the islands which dot the Mere where we could picnic but I digress.

The council has come upon £36,000 to fund “to develop a planning brief”. I too would like to know from what source.

The council appear not to be able to make a move without outside advice.

This set me thinking, Harry W Smith sometime Borough Engineer left this town a tremendous legacy, the Glen, Peasholm Park, the Italian Gardens, the South and North Bay Pools, the Open Air Theatre, the Glen Bridge and, I think, the Shuttleworth Garden. Though I may have missed some of his works, the question is how much did he spend on consultants, I suspect nothing? Can someone at the Town Hall tell me/us?

Mike Wilson

Garfield Road