What would Derren Brown predict ...?

WE WERE in Scarborough to see Derren Brown at the Futurist Theatre,

This was a sell-out show (2000+) and I understand that Monday night was a near sell-out too. We regularly pop over to Scarborough to see shows at the Futurist and were not disappointed with this one – it was excellent!

What is disappointing is the fact that the council still seem intent on closing and demolishing the venue, despite its obvious success under the control of Barrie Stead.

We stayed the night in a local hotel (as usual), ate in a local restaurant, visited several pubs and did some shopping. We spent in excess of £200 in Scarborough over a 24-hour period, all due to the show at the Futurist. Considering that there were approximately 4,000 people at the show over those two days, that’s a lot of business and money being brought into the town thanks to the Futurist. I understand that Derren Brown was unable to find a room in Scarborough as all the hotels were full of his audience members!

If I was running a local business, I would be campaigning long and hard to save this brilliant theatre. Having been privileged to have a look behind the scenes, I am very impressed by the full working stage, complete with fly tower and ample dressing rooms. The sloping stage floor ensures that even the front stalls seats have an excellent view. Unlike many theatres, there is no ‘dark’ time – between live shows the building is used as a cinema, showing the latest films – brilliant!

I urge Scarborough council to wake up and realise what an asset they have. Yes it needs some money spending on it, but only a fraction of what’s been spent on the Spa complex and the open air theatre recently (neither of which would encourage me to drive over from Barnsley). Under that horrendous sixties cladding at the front lies the original stone frontage – why not restore it to its former glory? There is no other venue with such a stage and huge seating capacity for miles around – this is something for the whole of Yorkshire to be proud of, not just Scarborough!

The theatre in my home town has been destroyed by the local council. It too used to seat over 2,000 with a huge stage.

Following a multi-million pound refurbishment we are left with a very small auditorium with 300 temporary seats, no stage and no chance of bringing in a large show.

I urge you not to let the Futurist go the same way! Let’s see some investment in the place and give Barrie Stead a longer lease so that he can continue to bring class acts to Yorkshire!

Rob Younger

Haise Mount