Where is the charity?

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RE: RUGBY Club reporting, October 22.

According to the Borough Council’s planning website, an amended supporting letter from the applicant dated 3/8/2011 specifically stated: ‘In particular we are requesting a partial discharge of condition 42, namely that ‘No functions or events shall be held that involve amplified music or other amplified sound outside of the Clubhouse without the prior written consent of the Local Planning Authority’

It is therefore perverse of the applicant in their revised application details letter dated 16/9/2011 to state: ‘We are not applying for removal or variation of condition 42’.

It is manipulative of the rugby club in the extreme (and highly misleading) to state that “local charitable organisations will now not benefit from their facilities .... because of a small number of people”.

The rugby club has chosen to specifically exclude charitable events from their planning application - I would suggest this is merely an artifice to invoke local sympathy and tug at heart strings as opposed to more practical concerns.

Jools Marley

Scalby Road