Where’s the re-enactments?

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RE the report in Evening News, July 25 about the pirate events at the castle.

I would like to ask English Heritage, what has happened to the spectacular, colourful and, if I might add, often educational re-enactments which were regular summertime features in the past?

Comparing last year’s programme of events with that for 2011, there was certainly a greater variety of activities in 2010, knights jousting, wartime etc. What do we have this year? Wall-to-wall pirates! Whilst I have no problem with a pirate theme per se, could these not have been alternated with other re-enactments as in the past?

So, come on, English Heritage, get your act together. If it’s too late this year, at least provide some variety and entertainment for the WHOLE family in future. If other English Heritage sites can manage it, and Scarborough Castle has previously, why change now?

In closing, I would like to add that I do not know of any particular connection between Scarborough and pirates, so someone may put me right on that.

Trisha Scott

West Park Terrace