Where will the staff go if nursery closes?

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i do not want Manor Road Nursery to close as I enjoy working there. If it does, where are we all going to go? I have worked in many places where I have been bullied and picked on because of learning disability and it made me depressed and anxious, if I go anywhere else to work it could happen again. I have worked at the nursery now for 10 years.

I am treated like one of the team. I have learned a lot about different plants and their Latin names. Potting up plants, transplanting them using the transplanter and maxi cropping, using seaweed extract. I have done my NVQ Level 1 at the nursery and I hope I can do NVQ Level 2 and 3.

All the staff and managers are friendly and nice to work with, we all work as a team and get on very well with each other and that is an important thing.

If the nursery closes we would all miss the floral displays that make our town a nice place to visit.

Doreen Sleightholme