Why do I fund them?

RE: THE escort woman told to repay £3,500 fraudulently claimed benefits, along with 250 hours of unpaid work.

What is she going to pay the money back from? Her benefits that I contribute to?

Another claimant from Prospect Park charged with receiving claims amounting to £85,000; will she be made to pay back her monies and as previous out of what?

Fraud claimants should have their benefits stopped and if in a relationship where it was obvious that the partners benefited from the extra income they must be investigated as well. If found guilty they should be prosecuted as well and made to pay back the monies, even if that means selling personnel possessions to assist.

Once the money is repaid no more benefits for 10 years.

As a taxpayer, where are my rights that state I have to fund these people?

A spokesperson for the council states we only prosecute in the minority of cases. Why?

Why not all cases and if proven ALL benefits stopped for 10 years.

PC Gehrke

Scholes Park Road