Why do we need councillors at all?

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WE LIVE in a town that has tourist and holiday visitors as our main source of income, via hotels, shops and entertainment venues.

Our council gardeners do a fantastic job with our parks and street displays of plants, grown in our town, by these very able men and women, working under a very reliable and nice with it team of management. This has been a job well done by professionals.

Our so called council, from an ex-policeman, to others under him whose knowledge (combined) is not very good in my view.

It is my belief, that our stupid councillors are hell bent on selling or ‘giving away’ the money making assets ie the Corner redeveloped without as yet a new attraction. Now, they are doing the same with our town hall. What next?

I would question why we need councillors at all, as I am sure our present paid heads of department are perfectly capable of running our town, and don’t need the extra work of explaining things to Cllr Fox and his merry men and women, and yes they could elect a figurehead (ie mayor) if this was needed for some reason or other.

Bryan Rutter

Garfield Road