Why focus on Crane?

AS A relatively new “incomer” to Scarborough, I was avidly awaiting the recent BBC TV programme on the town and I was not disappointed.

I found the coverage interesting and entertaining and there were some superb film shots of our picturesque environment.

However, given the stated focus of the presenter on how towns like Scarborough recover from adversity and a municipality “on the edge” face the future, I should like to make some observations.

Too much time was spent on Nick Crane demonstrating his own prowess in activities such as surfing and building coaches.

No mention was made of the following: The rest of the burgeoning Eastfield adventure park; Scarborough’s success as the most enterprising town in Europe, let alone Britain and in the “Britain in Bloom” competition; The re-opening of the Open Air Theatre; The expanding of Sea Life Centre; The opening of the first purpose-built hotel for decades; The reconstruction of the Kingdom Hall by its own congregation; Scarborough’s growing status as a mecca for film producers; The embryonic but forward-thinking Maritime Heritage Centre; Plans to develop new sports, leisure and older people’s care facilities.

All of the above examples, and there are doubtless many more, been witness to Scarborough’s dynamic vision and determination to commit itself to the future.

Time spent on, in my opinion, largely irrelevant interviews could have been better spent.

Mr P Slessor