Why is this annual torment inflicted on Seamer people?

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RE: THE very informative letter from Charles Agar, (Evening News July 23) in which he states quite clearly that there is no relationship between “The Scarborough Fair” and gypsies.

Yet people still try to claim that gypsies are involved with this centuries old tradition. So a fair question is:- Why is this annual torment being inflicted on Seamer? We are not obliged to entertain the gypsies for a week by the sea, so why do we do it?

The travellers and gypsies have abused our hospitality totally. There is not one scintilla of justification left in support of their coming here. They made no effort to blend in and let their offspring run riot in the village. Isn’t it time the whole silly exercise was scrapped.

Just for once can we consider the small businesses who work hard normally to succeed but really have to struggle in a deep recession such as we have at the moment. They really need to close when the travellers are here – or face substantial losses, and they simply cannot afford it. And can we consider for a moment the feelings of the older people who remember only too well what they endured last time. And what about the children, who are denied the use of their play area because of the foul language and threatening behaviour of the gypsy children. And finally the village itself. If the society of fly tippers saw the amount of litter these young louts can produce in one day they would be sending them hate mail.

I really do hope that our representatives Roxanne Murphy and Dave Raine are on the case for we need somebody with some clout to fight our corner.

Brian Thompson

Bell Close