Why maritime centre needs your support

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RE: SCARBOROUGH Maritime Heritage Centre.

My husband and I managed to attend the public meeting held on Wednesday January 25, and were most disappointed at the poor attendance. The small room allocated was packed with about 36 people.

Over the past couple of years we’ve been most interested in their enthusiastic project, and the volunteers have devoted a considerable amount of time and energy into promoting a centre.

They have acquired exhibits, mementoes, memorabilia and books etc which are all stored and awaiting a hopeful venue where they may be exhibited.

Such valuable documentation of Scarborough’s maritime history must surely be treasured for future generations.

The question arises - do people really value museums and exhibitions nowadays? Why did Woodend Museum of Natural History close, and why are so many venues we visit when away on holiday, suffering from low numbers?

It seems technology has replaced the ‘real’ world, and the youngsters fail to relate to the wondrous world around them.

With regard to information board, these would essentially require to be bold an simple, with too much working.

The ‘information’ carved into pavement sounds a good idea until you face reality.

Our first encounter with this was at Portpatrick in Scotland, where the Southern Upland Way wandered past our hotel. Clear at the onset, and much obscured in later years, due to the wearing away of thousands of feet, along with in filling of letters with mud, sand and debris. Such a pity after so much time and effort.

While we’d love to see this project succeed, it needs the backing of Scarborough people.

Have you visited the centre at No 36 Eastborough?

May I suggest you go along and see for yourself the work being achieved.

Maureen and Michael Robinson

Malvern Crescent