Why pay precept charges to council with no authority?

RE: FILEY Town Council has no authority

I was most impressed with Mr H Kay’s letter to the Mercury on February 25 and Jean I Botley’s response to his letter one week later, both were generally in agreement with one another, although Ms Botley felt that a number of Filey councillors had fought tooth and nail to stop the Muston Road Development progressing, and I agree with her they did put up a very good fight and they objected most strongly to this ridiculous proposal.

Nevertheless, because the council has no teeth their efforts fell on stony ground and this is the point Mr H Kay was making, so why did we collectively pay the council £120,000 for last year’s precept charges included in our payments to Scarborough Borough Council, and why are we going to repeat the payment of this amount for this year’s charges?

Included in these precept charges are what we pay the council for Filey’s clerical staff, and for reasons best known to the council these cost the Filey taxpayer double what the Bridlington residents are charged, and a third more than the Whitby residents pay.

You may ask why are we collectively paying the council this amount of money when they do not have the authority to prevent the building of this monstrous council estate, or even the authority to build a toilet block for those visitors to Filey who come to listen to some of the excellent bands who play at the bandstand.

Some of the audience may have to make several visits to the toilets during a performance, and many of these people are incapable of walking to the toilets in Glen Gardens, so they have to forgo the bands entertainment and their visit to Filey, and we have lost another potential source of visitors bringing revenue to the town.

Nevertheless, let us assume the Town Council is formed by an assortment of highly skilled and educated councillors who have all been employed during their working lives in professions and trades that compliment one another, for instance a former building construction manager would be proficient in getting things done, and a former water board design engineer would equally bring his expertise to the table and let us say the remaining members would all fit into the team like correct pieces from a jigsaw, nevertheless the collective team, would still have no teeth because they are working within the constraints of a Town Council which is why I believe a Town Council is one tier we can do without altogether.

Why pay the precept charges year after year when the Town Council is unable to offer us anything of significance in return? Why cannot we come under the auspices of Scarborough Borough Council who apart from saving us £120,000 per annum, this council has the bite we so desperately need.

J Robert Dyson

Langsett Avenue