Why Plaxton family deserve a plaque

RE: COUNCIL are not in charge of Trust.

I refrained from responding to the letter from TW Fox until after the election in case the timing of my letter could have been misconstrued but I have had to amend my original letter as Mr Parkinson has since issued an excellent letter giving comprehensive details of the Plaxton Trustees remit.

Firstly, I was rather surprised at the comments by Mr Fox in response to the letter from Mr Mills as, although I agree that the council are not administrators of the Trust, I could not understand why he felt it necessary to ask the question “why would the Plaxton Trustees want to ‘take on’ a football ground when, I would have thought in his position, it would have been more appropriate to have advised Mr Mills that the Plaxton Trustees allocate funds to registered charitable organisation only, as confirmed by Mr Parkinson.

Secondly, as all the funds available have now been allocated, as Mr Parkinson stated in his letter, could I ask if the Trustees would consider it an appropriate time to provide the Evening News with a list of name of recipients so that the people of Scarborough and District can be made aware of the final outcome thereby also appreciating the massive amount of work that the Trustees must have done on behalf of Eric and the Plaxton family.

Perhaps a plaque could also be prominently displayed as I feel that, in the past, the Plaxton family (and later Mr Stephenson), never received recognition for their achievements either for the employment they provided or for their major contribution to the economy.

Perhaps the Trustees may also consider providing up-to-date information with regard to the supply of the new lifeboat.

I am not a Trustee of the Plaxton Trust but just one of the many locals fortunate enough to have been employed by the Plaxton organisation.

John Birley


PS: I could have commented on the references by Mr Fox with regard to football but this may have distracted from the real purpose of the letter.