Why society must preserve woodland

RE: PARTIES are wrecking the woods. The frustration felt by Dave Landray (Evening News Monday April 4) is shared by the Friends of Raincliffe Woods and we appreciate the time and effort that Dave has taken to clear up the mess that was left.

The area in question is just one of many that have been vandalised in Raincliffe Woods through mindless misuse during illegal parties. Standing trees damaged by fires, trees chopped down, tents and sleeping bags discarded along with other rubbish including needles, booze bottles and condoms.

The area that Mr Landray speaks of was recently cleared, volunteers including children helped with litter picks while damaged trees were removed, it is disheartening for all of us to see it happening over and over again. We have had reports of parents dropping off children of school age and leaving them for the night, have they any idea as to what they are getting up to or whom they are mixing with.

Over the last few months we have been in discussion with the police and the council as to what can be done to manage this problem, as Mr Landray points out, it is not rocket science to realise that Fridays and Saturdays and Bank holidays are the nights where the problem is most apparent, yet the powers that be seem to have a problem recognising the fact. One of the reasons stated is that such events are not being reported.

Tom Fox has assured us that the Rangers will be replaced by a volunteer ranger system, but to date we have no further information on this, so in the mean time we would ask that all such situations be reported to police by ringing the anti-social helpline 01723 384444. We are assured that all calls are logged and help identify trouble spots.

We would also ask that, to enable us to gather as much data as possible, FoRWoods could also be informed either by e-mail: raincliffe.woods@gmail.com or telephone John on 01723 859124 or mobile 07816 648532. Please give as much information as possible ie dates, time and nature of problem.

John Bradley


Friends of Raincliffe Woods


Brompton By Sawdon