Why spend cash on consultants?

THE financial problems we all face for a lengthy time, has produced many unwelcome cuts in government spending, and also affects our council funds etc. Two things springs to mind, as to where savings could be achieved.

The first is of course, the vast spending by our councils on outside experts for many council projects, some of which are not urgent necessities. Why do we employ these outside firms at great cost, when we have well paid town hall staff who are supposed to be in charge, via different departments?

If they are not up to the job, and we need outside help, then sack the staff we employ to do these jobs or do not employ outside firms to do them.

Another way of saving money is to sell all unnecessary vehicles, that we seearound the town, we don’t need cars, make employees get the bus or walk, and only keep vehicles such as bin wagons and garden trucks etc.

The same applies to police vehicles that sit for hours on Northway and Barwick Terrace, as well as the ones that park in the pedestrian area in town.

More officers on the streets on foot, would cut crime not sitting in the police station.

Think of the huge costs we incur with unnecessary cars, for both police and town hall staff who live and work in walking distance, or bus stops.

I understand vehicles for the police are required in outlying areas. More police on the streets will cut crime and save money too.

Bryan Rutter

Garfield Road