Why the poll tax should be brought back

Regardless of the housing provider be it council, housing association or private landlords, it is still social housing. The rent paid by the tenants of these houses is met from the tenant fully if they are able to fund the rent or subsidised by the council through benefits if they are unable to fund the full rent through their financial status.

There are tenants who rent property and tenants who own their own property that also claim subsidies within their council tax requirement.

To make it fair across the whole spectrum, the government along with local councils should be looking at the properties that are being subsidised for council tax payments.

Regardless of whether the properties are owned or rented the amount of council tax benefit should also be based on the number of people living in the said properties and linked to the number of bedrooms.

Why should a family of two (as their children have left home) having a four-bedroomed house in Band D and now, due to their pension income, be unable to service the council tax for that property and therefore have tax payers’ subsidise their council tax? They could downsize to a more manageable property financially. They may be asset rich but they are cash poor.

If the government really wanted everyone to be equal the poll tax should be reintroduced then everyone over the age of 18 would be liable to pay. The council costs of running the town should be divisible by the number of over 18-year-olds and then everyone would pay their way in society.

Whether you earned £100,000 or £25,000 the cost of removing your rubbish and running schools should be an equal cost to individuals.

The Poll Tax would mean that we would then be in it together and have an equal share of the costs.

You will always get families who cannot pay, but the system should be that they must be accounted for and helped when required, BUT this help must be monitored, and removed when circumstances change.

The days of the free ride are over.

Peter C Gehrke

Scholes Park Road