Will services match homes?

I refer to the various articles, statements and letters concerning the building of 300 new houses at Muston Road, Filey.

Whenever I have questioned representatives of the developer as to how the town’s infrastructure will cope with over 1,000 extra residents, the answer is always: “As the population of the town grows the services will follow”.

So that’s all right then! By some miracle the doctors’ surgery will expand to have more GPs and nurses, the bus and train companies will lay on extra services, the schools will find more money for extra teachers and classrooms etc etc etc. Does anyone actually believe that?

Filey town councillors have, and continue to do their utmost to oppose this development and to work hard on behalf of the current population of the town. Regrettably the authorities, the developer, the politicians etc, who want to concrete over every blade of grass and strain local services beyond breaking point don’t actually have to live with the consequences.

Jean Botley

West Vale, Filey