Wind farms: dangerous, unreliable and ineffective

RE the wind-turbine debate in the Scarborough News. I am extremely concerned for the future of Britain’s power supply because the government and population are being duped by the wind farm and green lobby groups.

It is a simple fact that large offshore and onshore wind farms can never replace existing electricity generating capacity because of their fluctuating output that is not compatible with the national grid.

Wind-farm companies are only going ahead because of the massive subsidies that are being poured into the schemes without any proof of viability. They will be a millstone around the neck of the taxpayer for many years to come.

Landowners are laughing all the way to their banks because they have turbines planted on their land. David Cameron’s father in law Sir Reginald Sheffield, is picking up £1,000 a day for his crop of wind turbines.

The heavily subsidised solar panels are only of benefit because the owners are being paid the retail price for what they feed into the national grid. The national grid loses a substantial amount of money on every unit of electricity produced this way.

Wind farms are far more dangerous to health than nuclear power will ever be! Planning committees are overruling all manner of objections ignoring the welfare of wild life and citizens alike. Hundreds of birds and protected bats are killed. Homeowners living in the shadow of turbines have no quality of life because of the unrelenting flickering shadows that are driving them to despair. The very considerable amount of noise created is also upsetting people’s lives.

A major flaw in this rush to build wind farms is that the country must have generators available at the ‘flick of a switch’: Wind farms can only supply electricity when the wind is blowing and because this varies, a sudden reduction in output will cause the national grid to collapse.

The existing power stations running on nuclear or coal cannot be turned on or off quickly. Only gas and oil powered generators plus hydro can do this.

Germany is rushing to build a large number of gas powered generators because their national grid collapsed several times because they had placed too much reliance on their offshore wind farms.

Colin Wigglesworth

Providence Place