Wind turbines no worse than pylons

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HOW VERY selfish of the people who protest about wind farms being built in ‘their back yard.’

Where I used to live, from my back bedroom window I could see, to my right, a power station with two cooling towers and electricity pylons radiating from it. To my left I could see the local pit that supplied the power station with coal. In front of me I could see the slag heaps from the pit and two large pipes that took ash away from the power station over the river via a specially built bridge (built to be practical, not aesthetically pleasing) to a landfill site.

After a period of time I didn’t notice these eyesores, only the trees and countryside that lay beyond them, while drinking a cup of tea made from boiling water from my electric kettle, then turning on the immersion heater so I could have a hot bath before settling down for the night in front of my television (did I say I could also see Emley Moor TV mast from the top of our street?)

The pit has since closed along with many others, the power station has been demolished and the slag heaps landscaped, but I would still be willing to put up with those structures so I could experience the convenience of the electricity they brought to my home.

The people complain about the wind turbines being a blot on the landscape. What about the electricity pylons that bring the power to their homes. Do we dismantle them as well? If so how are we going to get the electricity supply to their homes?

As I said earlier, the pit near to where I used to live has closed down. How are we to fuel the power stations to produce electricity so we can use our machines of mass consumption?

We could build a four mile island, a Chernobyl or even a Fukushima, and where would we build these nuclear power stations? Oh yes of course - in somebody else’s back yard.

C Charles

Trafalgar Square