Woodland: It’s not theirs to give away!

It might be said that we live in interesting times. So much is changing, not least in and around Scarborough.

All the more important that local people are kept fully informed regarding issues that directly affect them. Scarborough Council seem to assume that they have an almost God given right to pursue their own course of action no matter what!

For example, those including myself who now enjoy the peace and tranquillity of Raincliffe Woods and Forge Valley might be interested to know that without any proper public consultation these ancient woodlands are to be put into the hands of some sort of “social enterprise”.

It seems that other parties including the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, who may have been the better custodians of our heritage and wildlife habitat, have hardly been considered in their bid.

Yes, it does seem like just another fait accompli by a council with extreme tunnel vision! They are almost abusing public office by once again arrogantly assuming that something owned by local people is theirs to give away in cavalier arrogance.

Interesting times indeed...

Please don’t let complacency erode democracy, your habitat is also drastically changing! Protect what is left from unnecessary intrusion.

Miss Jayne Anne Strutt

Scalby Road