Worry over decline in bird populations

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THE UNFORTUNATE misinformation regarding the present position of all our wild bird population must be addressed before we have virtually no song birds left.

The sentimental and the ill informed along with those who find pleasure in the activities of raptors are not aware or alternatively could not care that the vast majority of our non-raptors are under threat.

The raptors and corvids have reached numbers never previously recorded, ie sparrow hawks, crows, magpies etc all of which to a greater or lesser extent depend on killing our small birds. The sparrow hawk in particular kills and often eats alive at least 1,000 small birds each year.

The only raptors under any threat regarding numbers are those which have been artificially introduced by the RSPB or the Wild Life Trust, both of which should be ensuring the welfare of all our wild birds life and not just raptors.

No-one needs telling that the echo-system involves many species preying on other species but anyone with common sense will realise that in certain circumstances it is necessary to take steps to ensure a reasonable balance is maintained in particular when the national habitats etc have been affected by man.

The fact that to my knowledge there has been no peregrine falcons on the Marine Drive during the past 60 odds years, which includes prior to the DDT problem, should prove that they have not appeared by natural means.

Before putting pen to paper those concerned should establish fact from fiction and consider the state of all our bird life and the obvious consequences of not protecting our song and small bird population.

A Rosbottom

Hatterboard Drive