Wrong to issue fines in emergencies


I would like to express my dismay at the decision to put parking attendants on patrol at Scarborough Hospital. I am not opposed to the idea of paying to park as long as the funds are going back into the NHS and not into some third party.

With limited parking spaces surely the priority would have been to upgrade or extend parking at the hospital before such drastic measures of issuing tickets was enforced. I understand the NHS is under increasing pressure to save money and they cannot just magic extra land up from nowhere to solve the problem. However, other options must be available.

Why not charge a set fee of £3 whether you stay for one hour or six hours? Or as suggested in the Evening News pay on exit, although I cannot see why they need to increase parking tariffs with time spent at the hospital?

This amounts to nothing more than greed. People visiting the hospital are obviously there to see a loved one or attend an important appointment. Imagine receiving some bad news to come out to a £60 parking fine. Its disgusting. Not to mention staff who have to pay to go to work. That is a disgrace.

The hospital states if you are immediate family visiting a patient who is in hospital for more than a week then you are entitled to a permit. My dad spent exactly a week in the hospital before sadly passing away on Monday evening. I was called up to the hospital several times during the week due to his poor health and then finally on Monday evening.

Although I was not issued with a ticket as I was there after 8pm but imagine if that had been in the daytime. How can these people justify issuing a ticket to someone in my position.

It is an outrage and I hope public opinion speaks volumes and action is taken on this because it needs to be resolved quickly to allow people visiting the hospital to see loved ones without worrying about a jobsworth parking attendant looking to justify a wage that is not required if the correct measures were set in the first place.

Steve Westwood