Your Stars - 15th September 2011 - Your week Ahead by Jeannette DuPont

Jeannette DuPont
Jeannette DuPont

Aries-Ace of Cups

This will be an astonishingly active week for anyone looking for a new relationship. Weddings or pregnancies could be discussed or planned and you personally will feel fulfilled and loved. Harmony in the workplace will also help you to feel more appreciated and eager to assist on new projects.


With the approaching sun sign change, this is an excellent time to begin important steps towards realizing career goals. You will feel energised and motivated but be careful not to be side tracked by other people’s hidden agendas or emotional insecurities and miss your chance for success!

Gemini-Five of Cups

The realisation that a life change is definite, will turn out to be less devastating than once feared as events this weekend create new romantic interests and emotional security. Take time to fully consider your options and rekindle your passion towards some of your old dreams and interests.

Cancer-The Moon

Unnecessary lies make you feel more insecure than all other forms of deceit especially as they often force you to distrust your own common sense or instinct. However despite uncovering ‘evidence’ of this kind of pretence, wait until you are calmer before taking any life changing steps.

Leo-Five of Wands

Partners may drive you to distraction this week as they frantically chase after unreasonable goals or refuse to address real issues. However angry chastisement will only serve to cause more upset, better to let them run out of steam before tackling them as they will listen to a voice of reason.

Virgo- Queen of Cups

Partners will openly display affection on Monday which will bring the opportunity to return relationships onto a more pleasant level. However this week is not about relaxing and forgetting your problems but in finding answers to the problems that have been causing financial stress.

Libra-Eight of Pentacles

Work situations should go well this week however don’t rest on your laurels; if you are already expecting to be busy, you won’t be disappointed. Money matters are also highlighted making this an excellent time to invest in any financial propositions that you’ve been considering.

Scorpio-Nine of Pentacles

Business matters and financial investments are given a welcome boost this week with some amazing opportunities coming your way, so don’t let scepticism allow you to ‘miss out’-grasp hold of luck whilst it’s in reach. Follow the path highlighted by events on Wednesday to find your fortune.

Sagittarius - Two of Cups

This week brings a wonderful opportunity to get into shape ‘emotionally’ before the approaching sun-sign change, however, to do so successfully you must stop playing childish mind games and be open with regard to your feelings especially if you want to get relationships back on track!

Capricorn -Ten of Cups

As the autumn equinox draws close expect relationships and friendships to flourish. Make the most of social invitations that help spread a little sunshine into other people’s lives and experience greater emotional rewards. Wednesday will unearth exciting opportunities for your career.

Aquarius-Page of Wands

Romance and relationships fare well over the weekend and exciting news at the beginning of this week allows you to feel a little more ‘worry free’ and fully appreciated. However remember that you still have to concentrate on important routine work issues especially on Wednesday.

Pisces-The Lovers

What a wonderful week this will be! As the autumn equinox draws close your sensual side will start to take over from the ‘nurturer’ that is usually your most notable characteristic. You’ll feel excited and reckless but who cares? Life is for the living and you are going start doing just that!

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