Your Stars - 17th November 2011 - Your week Ahead by Jeannette DuPont

Jeannette DuPont
Jeannette DuPont

Aries- Six of Swords

Recent disagreements may be causing emotional tension and stifling any

chance of romance. This would be a good week to slip away from the

restrictive pressures being created and reintroduce a more playful

atmosphere to life. Travel is positively highlighted so give yourself a

treat, leave the tension behind, if only for a long weekend and have some


Taurus-Three of swords

You may have recently experience an emotional setback however as time helps

unravel the pain and confusion you will realise it isn’t as bad as you

initially feared. Sometimes we require support to free ourselves from

destructive situations, this is one of those times, but by listening to

advice and your head, instead of your gullible heart you will quickly move


Gemini- The Wheel of Fortune

A fantastic opportunity to instigate a major life change will be offered

this week. Adventurous moves may be required but if you want to take full

advantage of what is around grasp the bull by the horns and don't let go.

Though the transformation may not be finalised for another few months you

can be confident that this really is the beginning of the rest of your life.

Cancer-The Lovers

This will be a very family orientated week when kith and kin will socialise

merrily together to create a harmonic and reflective environment. You may

have a few choices to make of a financial nature but nothing to worry about

unduly whilst you enjoy the embrace of loving bonds. You've no need to

search the world for fulfillment as everything you need is already at home.

Leo-Eight of Pentacles

Despite unexpected events or any personal calamity if you are to meet preset

career deadlines, you must force yourself to rise above it and keep your

‘business as usual’ head on. Think about the long-term benefits when needing

motivation; remember God helps those who help themselves and do not feel

guilty at taking advantage of any opportunities that may also arise.

Virgo-Nine of Wands

Although the last few months may have been very arduous both financially and

emotionally, events this week will symbolise the beginning of a more

positive and opportunistic period which embraces romance and pleasure.

Monday brings the answers to a love dilemma when someone finally ‘spills the

beans’ regarding their feelings allowing you to plan your future guilt free

Libra- Two of Swords

Trying to remain impartial during the constant battling of friends or loved

ones may have left you feeling tired and emotional exhausted however events

over this weekend will bring situations to a head and force you to take

action that will ensure a more convivial life for yourself that places you

at the top of the priority tree and doesn't demand so much of your energy.

Scorpio-Four of Pentacles

Having allowed others to take centre stage with their petty little life

dramas for too long, it is now time to reorganise priorities and take time

out to rebuild a new network of friends that will appreciate your

outstanding qualities and allow you to shine. Financial rewards laced with a

dose of luck are also pending but when they arrive please make sure they're

spent on you.

Sagittarius -Six of Cups

News on Monday may provoke an emotional outburst and stimulate aggression

from an unexpected source. It is important to remain in control during any

debate, so avoid anything that could cause distress or distort intentions

and be aware of all possible consequences before responding to any situation

or ultimatums as once issued your words will be hard to retract.

Capricorn-Knight of Swords

A heart to heart on Saturday will calm troublesome situations that have been

worsened by a lack of communication or stubborn pride. Your energy levels

will soon start to return to normal allowing you to focus upon creating more

stable financial foundations within your present framework. Travel is

positively highlighted and short journeys or holidays should be welcomed.

Aquarius-The Hierophant

Good news is brought this weekend when the answer to an emotional question

arrives at your door. A pregnancy rumour could also be confirmed on Tuesday

ensuring that life is about to embark upon a more frantic but exciting level

Journeys which bring knowledge also have the ability to end heartache and

free you to accept love from a higher or less selfish source.

Pisces- Four of Cups

Destiny will be doing her best to ensure that travel arrangements will go a

little haywire or detailed plans will change at the last minute in order

that you are at the right place at the right time, but if you expect the

unexpected, go with the flow and make the most of all on offer, this will

turn out to be an exciting week during which you could effectively of turn

your life around!