Your Stars - 1st December 2011 - Your week Ahead by Jeannette DuPont

Jeannette DuPont
Jeannette DuPont

Aries-The Hierophant

The card of the healer suggests you will feel bright, bubbly and able to

hold your own during any social engagement this week. Take your time and

communicate your ideas effectively with those in a position to influence

however don’t allow exuberance to create overly familiarity if wanting to be

taken seriously long term.

Taurus-Page of wands

News that offers release from a stagnating situation arrives this week and

though it may be difficult to let go of the familiar, continuing to embrace

stale conditions could become destructive. Concentrate your efforts on

procuring opportunities which promise to fill your life with mentally

satisfying activities and passion.

Gemini -Seven of Cups

I may sometime appear to others that you have an incredible sense of timing

and the luck of the devil. The promotion you have been dreaming about may be

just around the corner, that lottery ticket could hold the key to a

different future. Let instincts guide you towards success, reap the rewards

and put yourself first.

Cancer -Knight of Cups

Romance will play a big part in this week’s activities and you’ll be on top

form when playing the Love Game. With renewed self confidence your

communication skills will dazzle and easily charm the object of your desire

enticing fun and excitement into your daily regime. Promotion news may come

on Wednesday.

Leo-Wheel of fortune

An emotional revelation encountered over the weekend will instigate major

changes to present life conditions. A sense of loss, panic or uncertainty

might develop however if you accept help from a responsible source this will

soon be overcome. Embrace the changes as they are designed to empower long


Virgo -Five of Cups

Dedication and hard work will earn respect and demonstrate your reliability

however occasionally your instincts will guide you towards monetary success

or the solution to a major emotional problem. Follow your intuition and you

will find the key to the locked door which is presently barring the way to

your dreams.

Libra -Eight of Wands

A relationship will become more balanced if you reveal your inner most

desires and fears and re-open your heart to embrace love. The financial

information you have been waiting for will arrive later this week but pay

careful attention to detail and do not be flippant regarding the

consequences of conditions if they’re broken

Scorpio -Judgment

This week embraces passion and the discovery of pleasure within developing

relationships. A new attitude to work commitments will also bring the

desired success however family responsibilities and obligations may prove

inconvenient or add pressure to an already stressed workload but

unfortunately that’s life!

Sagittarius -Ten of Wands

This week brings a spiritual re-awakening which will help cultivate a far

more positive attitude towards dealing with your personal and emotional

situations. Friends will be supportive and assist as you strive to create of

a more optimistic and balanced approach to life’s problems. Travel will

bring hilarious laughter.

Capricorn - Three of Swords

You might be asking the right questions but filtering the replies to hear

only the answers you want to hear, ensuring feelings of frustration for all

involved. Listen to the facts and give yourself an opportunity to make

decisions based on reality rather than self delusion in order to embrace a

more fulfilling and satisfying life.

Aquarius -Ten of Pentacles

This week is the start of an enriching period during which deep rooted life

contentment will be established in the hearts of all the people you care

about. Events on Sunday will demonstrate that miracles can happen when a

joyful reunion between lost loves occur. Financial balance brings emotional


Pisces -Ace of wands

Information you consider insignificant could be very important to someone

else so think carefully before you speak. Be tender and loving in your

approach when giving advice and gentle if needing to deliver ‘bad’ news, as

a careless remark might spark an emotional implosion that could have a long

term ripple effect.